Shri Brijoykrisna goswami

The age-old Guru-Shishya tradition of this great country, as founded and deemed important (and essential) by the Gods and Saints, was under heavy threat from the curse of commercialism.

Mata Yogomaya

Maa had a very huge contribution and role in Gosaiji’s spiritual enhancement. She supported Gosaiji’s every endeavor and never stood in his path. She never asked him any questions on how he was running the house or what was he doing for the family. She used to stay happy in every state.

Kulodananda Bramhachari

Brahamachari ji saw Gosain ji in his dream one day and he requested him to take him as his disciple. Gosain ji blessed him in the dream. One day he had the opportunity to invite Gosain ji for giving a lecture to the students in the hostel and at the same time requested him to take him on as his disciple.


When Yogamaya Devi was alive, Gosaijee said one day in Shrivrindavan, ''Before long Ganderia will ring with the music of conch-shells, bells and gongs. Nobody could guess then what it meant.'' On October 12, 1891 the temple of Yogamaya Devi was inaugurated. But it did not conform to the original desing & happened to be shaped like a Vishnu Temple. Prabhu remarked , ''can any alternation be made by man's efforts in what is designed by god ? '' It was Mahastami day. The residual bone of Yogamaya Devi was interred and over it was placed the auspicious pot filled with water with a green coconut at the top. A three-shelved timber Asan was made to order. On the top shelf was placed Shri Shri Nama-Brahman. Yogamaya Devi's photograph was kept on the middle one & a small casket containing her conch-bangles & vermilion rested on the lowest shelf. Kuladananda Brahmachari made the sacred fire of Hom (sacrificial fire) chanting verses from Chandi (sacred book to the Mother – goddess, chandi/Durga in her aspect of a fighter).


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Ashram Kotha

Shri Poromananda Sampadito

Broktita O Upodesh


Guru o sisshyo Sangbad

Jogodbandhu Maitra

''In the worship of Supreme Lord, neither invoking nor immersion is obligatory. Nama-Brahman may be worshipped at all times & at all places.''